Friday, June 5, 2009

Bugs Bunny Ball and Screw Sign

You might remember that sign (a screw on one side and a baseball on the other) from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Calling someone a screwball means he's acting weird, or just being insane, and I quote this page: The literal meaning of a screw ball comes from baseball when a pitcher throws the ball and makes it curve.

I thought it meant being stupid, but I was wrong...

Also, in one of my search I found this: (that's the first result, click for larger view)

While id didn't give me an answer, I found the small search box suggestion funny:


  1. thanks man, I thought it had something to do with psychology stuff. you know when a terepist shows you images to check your mental capacity..

  2. Oh, so good thing that stupid is not the same as insane.
    As I'm no native english speaker, I often thought about that sign and kept mumbling "screw.... ball.... screwball... dafuk that means?"
    There's no baseball in my country. And if there was, I probably wouldn't know it either.