Friday, March 13, 2009

Bye bye Heysan!

I've been using Heysan! for quite some time, and for those who I chatted with when I was on the road I'm sorry for all the spam it sent you during.

These spam messages were sent to you whenever you opened a conversation with me, or whenever I did. Also, it had too many ads for a small mobile phone screen.

But it wasn't always like that--the service started really well, but as time passed they added ads, some lame point buy-and-sell system and made their spam messages more annoying than ever (it started with a simple 'I'm using Heysan!' but now it's some long message you get every now and then).

I quit looking for a real application for my phone long ago (Nokia 6120 Symbian 60 - 3rd edition) for IM, because most software I installed used some ports that my service provider (Orange) blocked.

But when I had enough for the second time, I looked for other WAP IM and I found eBuddy. It has a web browser client, WAP and mobile phone software. I successfully connected to my IM protocols and chatted, succeeding where other Symbian software failed.

So if you're after one IM client, which is available in either the desktop web, WAP or Symbian--eBuddy is your answer. I just hope it won't go bad like Heysan! did.

Though, I'll always use on desktop computers. It holds my history, and is the best web application for IM I've seen.

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