Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Linux Post ...Finally

As I previously stated, I moved to a computer which is terribly low on resources and therefore is really slow and heavy. Thinking Windows XP was just too heavy, I installed #! Crunchbang Linux to try and see how different it is performance-wise.

So now I have two operating systems on my computer: Crunchbang Linux and Windows XP SP3. Working with Crunchbang was easy and simple, as much as Linux can be. I will not try going into details, for I went back to Windows XP because its Firefox had miscellaneous bugs and glitches, and currently I have no choice but to use several Windows-only software on my machine. On the other hand, my DVD burner can not fully operate on Windows and to burn DVDs I must use Linux. Again, both systems have their pros and cons for me right now.

So, I went back to mainly using Windows. Both operating systems were about the same in matters of performance and memory, while in matters of software Linux is still the right way to go; I use web services anyway, like Meebo and Gmail, and I also use Firefox so no matter what operating system I'll end up using--I'll work the exact same way I always do.

And that's an excellent time to mention Weave! This Firefox extension syncs your data with Mozilla's servers (or your own server, it's configurable) that wherever you go, your entire web history, favorites, tabs and much more go with you. The feature I'm more excited about is being able to open a tab in computer A and go to it on computer B. Also, Mozilla's Fennec uses Weave and when Firefox goes fully mobile for Symbian phones, I'll be happy to have all my information really anywhere!

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